Kathmandu Futsal, Jhamsikhel



Name: Kathmandu Futsal

Location: Thadodhunga, Dhobighat, Jhamsikhel Lalitpur, Nepal.

Lalitpur, Nepal

Number of Fields:  One

Facilities:  Roof Top Restaurant, Free wifi, FIFA 2 Star Astro Turf, Friendly Environment, Ample Parking Space

 Contacts: 9851137525, 9802021223, 9803024359,  9802115981, info@kathmandufutsal.com

Timings Morning
(6am – 10am)
(10am – 4pm)
(4pm – 9pm)
(Ladies and Children)
Rates Rs. 1200 Rs. 1500/1200 Rs. 2000/1500 Rs. 2000/1500 Rs. 1200


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